PotFest 2017

I'm excited!

Today is the first day of my Summer Staycation / PotFest 2017.

I'll be taking a week away from my work & daily life to feed and nurture my creative self. Grey is in New York City for work and to visit family, so it's just going to be me & Dr. Watson.

My days will be spent throwing pots and nights spent cooking delicious food, tackling big projects at home, hanging out with Watson, and watching trashy TV!

But one of the things I'm most excited about is sharing all of this with my friends & followers. I always enjoy witnessing and learning about other people's creative processes... So hopefully someone will enjoy mine. :-)

Keep an eye out for videos, blog posts, photo updates, and maybe even a Live Stream -- if I can figure it out.

Welcome to PotFest 2017!!

-- Will