As someone who is gernerally active, and once able to do the splits (I have stories), one of the worst times for me is when my mobility is limited.   Over the last week I have been working with a back injury which had me on bedrest orders for days. It took time to get back up and walk around, and I'm still working through it- but finally able to leave the house alone, with a cane- exciting, I'm sure.



There were a few things that I was so thankful for.  My family and friends made sure I stayed in bed (not an easy task).My hubby took excellent care of me- meals and back rubs.  He even unloaded the studio kiln and brought home my new pieces.


Our copilot, Dr. Watson kept excellent company- and pinned me down so I wouldn't move.  

I also enjoyed a boyish stab at some ink drawing. I think it might be a few weeks before I can work on large watercolors, and working with inks really remind me of sketching in my childhood room, listening to music, and creating landscapes.


But, I am also thankful (as I am sure Will is) to finally get out of the house- get some sunshine!


And also happy to pick up my first Plexi face mounted piece!  This one is Luna Study, at 8x10.