Breuwen (Old English- to Breu)- is a joint workshop of Painter Grey Lux & Potter Will Chase

Based in Richmond, CA, Breuwen creates original thoughtful pieces with the goal of bringing enchantment to all aspects of Life.

A connection to Life, Earth, and Spirit are expressed through each of our handmade pieces.

We have a strong commitment to our community of artisans and aficionado of craft. 

We are always available for a cup of tea.


Grey Lux, Partner/Painter

Lifelong Painter, acrobat, and secret nerd.

Inspired by travels to spiritual sites around the world.

Has a food blog he hardly never really sometimes updates: Grey's Galley

Will Chase, Partner/Potter

Potter, opera queen, and not-so-secret nerd.

I'm here to share the joy I have for the pieces I create with the world.


Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.40.40 AM.png

Dr. Watson, PhD/Pup in Chief

Dr. Watson is a graduate of UC Barkley and holds a degree in Barkitecture, with a minor in bouncing.  

He is an active participant in the creative process, and gives a final sniff inspection on all pieces.

He is not our CFO.