Potteries - by Will Chase

Will Chase is an art potter that has been developing his technique for over ten years. He places an emphasis on simple forms with rich textures, highlighted by a thoughtful glaze application.


Sakora Series

The Sakura series, from Breuwen- thoughtfully hand thrown pottery executed in porcelain clay and then soda fired to achieve beautiful unpredictable flaring 🌸


Stone Series

Based on Will's time in Japan exploring the production techniques and history of the Bizen area, this collections of vessels explores merging geometric forms with natural shapes and textures.

The clay and glaze both are custom formulated and draw inspiration from the rustic wood fired pieces that often come from Bizen-ware.


Moss Series

The Moss series of vessels are an exploration of glaze flow, geometry, and a rich natural clay serface. The larger vessels are striking in groupings, with or without florals.

Archival Work

Older work from previous collections and explorations.